Once Upon A Halloween (2014)

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So I got a new phone today. Samsung S5. They didn’t have black so she gave me a white one and said that if I changed my mind about a white phone that I could exchange it for a black one.

My question is… does anyone have a white phone and if you do, do you find that it does gets dirty really really easily? If I kept the white, I would need to get a case for it ASAP but yeah. It looks cool but I’m worried that it will get dirty really quickly. ;-;


url inspired gifsets: sailorkillian


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∟meqhanory asked: prince killian or captain killian?


emma swan & her fabulous wardrobe: the cricket game, 2x10

Oliver is aware of his attraction to her, though he’s hesitant to call it love for a number of reasons. What he feels is too big and immediate to get wrapped up in such a small, treacherous word, overshadowed by what he does and what Felicity believes he can do. Love should be simple and clean, Oliver thinks. He hasn’t felt anything like that in a long time.

[He] wonders when and how she learned to read him; wonders if she can sense, within him, a capacity for gentleness. (x)

Storybrooke has frozen over.
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Storybrooke has frozen over.

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Selfie on the newww phone 😚

Selfie on the newww phone 😚

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There’s a powerful wand which, uh, I came to possess. Anyway, legend says, it can recreate any magic that’s ever been wielded.

ouat meme: (3/5 colors)

                         blue,green, & black


“There’s an energy to New York that I really respond to. You’re surrounded by so much stimulation at all times; I think some people get overwhelmed by that, but I thrive on it. I feel like it’s a city where anything’s possible.”